Hardware Activities at Roma Tor Vergata

The Roma group has been  responsible for the design of the camera of the fluorescence telescopes, more specifically for the optical part, the optical tests, the choice, selection and tests of the phototubes and for all electronic connections. It is also responsible for the final integration of the head electronics on the camera, mounting of the components, final testing of the assembly, installation on the site and alignment.

The geometry of the camera was designed in collaboration with the INFN group of Catania which is responsible for the mechanical elements of the camera i.e. the camera body and the support.   The Head Electronics (HE), composed of an active divider and a driver ,was designed by the group of Milano.
The tests on the PMT+HE units were done in Roma and in Wuppertal.

The camera geometry and mechanics

The photomultiplier test system

Light collectors

Results of the tests on the photomultipliers

List of publications

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